We are a family owned and operated business.

Rob Jor Bebe S.L. is a family-owned company dedicated to the manufacturing of manicure and pedicure tools, such as scrapers, callus cutters, cuticle nippers, scissors, ear cleaners, files, and tweezers. We distinguish ourselves through our commitment to quality, innovation, and corporate social responsibility, with a focus on sustainability and compliance with European legislation.

Our production process, which includes various stages such as sheet cutting and deformation, plastic injection, and more, ensures high-quality and reliable products. We offer 100% customized products to meet the specific needs of each customer, catering to a wide range from small businesses to market leaders in the beauty industry. We specialize in sales in large retail outlets such as supermarkets.

What do we do ?

We provide third-party manufacturing services in the field of manicure and pedicure, collaborating closely with other manufacturers to bring their visions to life and deliver high-quality products that meet the standards demanded by our clients. Our policy is based on three fundamental pillars: quality, design, and innovation.

To achieve this, we conduct rigorous quality controls at every stage of our production processes, ensuring the reliability and durability of each item.

Our process

Our machinery and working conditions are set up to comply with Spanish legislation regarding occupational health and safety. We have outsourced the monitoring of compliance with this regulation to a specialized company, which conducts an annual prevention audit for us.

Each productive activity must meet standardized quality requirements, with checks at predetermined frequencies for each of them.

Virtually all the production processes required for manufacturing our products are carried out in-house. This entails greater complexity but results in cost savings and better control of the product at every stage of production.


Family Ownership and Management

The family management of Rob Jor Bebe S.L. reinforces its commitment to corporate values and responsibility towards its employees and customers.

Commitment to Quality

The company ensures that all its products comply with European standards and legislation, thus guaranteeing their high quality and reliability.

Innovation and Corporate Social Responsibility

It focuses on sustainability and continuous innovation, demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.

Comprehensive Production Process

It oversees the entire production process, from manufacturing to packaging, avoiding subcontracting and ensuring the quality and safety of its products.

100% Customized Products

It provides exceptional versatility to tailor products to the specific needs of each customer, fostering high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Experience and Specialization

Decades of experience in the manufacturing of manicure and pedicure tools, with a highly specialized team."


The quality policy of Rob Jor Bebe S.L. arises from the need to ensure that the work carried out in our organization meets the technical requirements demanded by our clients and contributes to the dissemination of social values.

In its commitment to quality, Rob Jor Bebe S.L. adopts the EFQM Excellence Model as a reference.

We have been working based on this model since 2012, with the aim of achieving more effective and efficient management.


Our organization is registered with the Environmental Department of the Basque Country Government as "small producers of hazardous waste in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country" with the number EU 3/3934/2009.

This implies that our organization generates an annual amount of hazardous waste less than 10 tons in its process and that we have defined the processes and facilities necessary for its management, storage, and subsequent shipment for treatment.


Rob Jor Bebe S.L. actively contributes to UNICEF's "Multiply for Childhood" program. This program is designed for companies of all kinds to contribute to the education of children in Africa.


Innovation as the Cornerstone

Innovation is the cornerstone of our company. We continually seek novel ideas and, based on them, develop products that provide significant advantages to consumers in their usage experience. As part of our commitment to innovation, we offer manufacturing services to third parties in the field of manicure and pedicure, collaborating closely with other manufacturers to bring their visions to life and deliver high-quality products that meet stringent standards.

Our policy is based on three fundamental pillars: quality, design, and innovation.


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